What Are You Holding On To? – Let It Go!

What Are You Holding On To? – Let It Go!


Letting go is about accepting what happened. It also means accepting the current impact of what happened (PTSD, stressful memories, unresolved emotions, things like that). It’s not about repressing, forgetting, or dismissing.

Letting go means holding our arms wide open to hug our past self. This self-empowerment comes from taking responsibility about how our past has affected us, which means owning the emotions we now carry. This is where so many of us get stuck. In order to really let go and find this freedom, we need to take responsibility for our present emotions. But, don’t worry, this is actually a lot more empowering (and less intimidating) than it sounds.

At the end of this blog, you’ll have an understanding of how to transform your past into something that fuels your current dreams and goals. It will no longer hold you back. Letting go can be difficult but its essential to the healing process that we all must embark on. It’s easier to blame circumstances or people from past on current problems. It’s always important to recognize and validate the impact our past had on us, but when we continue to blame it for our present feelings, we are actually disempowering ourselves. We are giving up our control to something that will never actually help us. The past is gone and it can’t cure us.

Empowering ourselves is all about deciding to:

  • Reclaim the power we once lost, and
  • Take responsibility to empower ourselves with resources by making a choice to live the best life possible.

“Be strong enough to let go and patient enough to wait for what you deserve”.

This blog was written by DeSonta Tillman, MBA, NCC – a clinician on our Healing, Empowering, and Learning Professionals (H.E.L.P.) team

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