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Helping, Empowering & Learning Professionals, LLC (H.E.L.P) is proud to announce the launch of phase one of our brand new website located at https://help-llc.org

Our previous website had been dormant and was in need of a website makeover to help us improve our online digital presence. Our primary goal with the website redesign project was to ensure that up-to-date information about our mental health services, along with practical tips and resources, were available for our current and prospective clients.

The website redesign and development is being done by Aiden Marketing and Phase 1 of this project includes an upgrade in the following areas:

    • Aesthetics – new, visually appealing visuals that connect with the target audience that the H.E.L.P., LLC mental health practice serves
    • Messaging – clear and culturally-relevant communication
    • Content – simplified and engaging content that connects with website visitors
    • User Experience – improved visibility of services and easy-of-use for website visitors to find the information they are seeking and easily schedule an appointment for mental health services
    • Blog – new section for sharing our articles, news, and practical tips on improving mental health and overall health & wellness
    • Responsive Design – automatic, flexible adaption of website content to be viewed easily based on the screen size of the device from which the website is viewed

In the second phase of the project, additional content pages in various sections of the site will be added and completed in August 2020. Once phase 2 is completed, we will share another announcement.

Please surf the newly, redesigned website (Phase 1) at https://help-llc.org and leave us a comment below to let us know what you think of it.


Letting go is about accepting what happened. It also means accepting the current impact of what happened (PTSD, stressful memories, unresolved emotions, things like that). It’s not about repressing, forgetting, or dismissing.

Letting go means holding our arms wide open to hug our past self. This self-empowerment comes from taking responsibility about how our past has affected us, which means owning the emotions we now carry. This is where so many of us get stuck. In order to really let go and find this freedom, we need to take responsibility for our present emotions. But, don’t worry, this is actually a lot more empowering (and less intimidating) than it sounds.



Copyright by H.E.L.P.™, LLC. – 2020. All rights reserved.

Copyright by H.E.L.P.™, LLC. – 2020. All rights reserved.